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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the problem your organization is solving?

We help black entrepreneurs get their time back from their business. So they can truly experience freedom by turning their company into an entity that pays them passively.

Describe the community benefitting from your service?

Many of the aspects that need to be learned in business also apply to business owners personal lives. More black businesses will encourage financial literacy, the elimination of self limiting beliefs, and a greater sense of community pride. The more the black community begins to rise and begins to own businesses and their neighborhoods the better the black community can do. My services literally unlock some of the biggest problems in the black community. Most of these problems arising out of mindset or lack of financial literacy.

How does your solution impact the community?

My solution educates black business owners and the black community how to build successful businesses from scratch. Which allows the black community to begin generating income in their own community which will help circulate the black dollar for longer in the black community. This also allows young black children to have other role models beside being an entertainer or athlete. The biggest reason is that it allows the black community to earn true freedom by getting their time and money back which has been something that we have been consistently held back from for over 400 years.

Who does your company help?

Melanated Business Strategies LLC helps black businesses build 6 & 7 figure businesses by helping them to create the proper structure for their business, grow their mindset, as well as learn to use OPM(Other People’s Money) to grow their business.

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